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We Are Developing The Sustainable Tourism Of Tomorrow.

Tourism 4.0 initiative is the story of success about how the collaboration between business and universities has led to the largest R&D project in the history of Slovenia focused on tourism and is now influencing the development in the country in different sectors.

Since the early beginnings people have been travelling. Tourism industry has always been adapting to social and technological development. Nowadays, in the era of digitalisation it is facing a new challenge. There are many initiatives around the world dealing with it.

Instead of the tourist, Tourism 4.0 ecosystem puts local inhabitants and their quality of life in the centre and all other stakeholders around them. Within this frame, we are developing a system with innovative tokens, secure digital IDs and other disruptive tools, in which at least part of the data and profit is shared with the local communities.

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Paving A Path To The Digital Innovation

Tourism Impact Model (TIM)

Take Better Decisions Based On Real-Data.

TIM was awarded as The best innovation in the field of artificial intelligence and data analytics in Tourism Innovation Summit 2020 for it features as an innovative, advanced tool collecting huge amounts of data and transform them into valuable information to give key decision-makers a real picture of the situation. In this way TIM supports the right decisions about tourism development, infrastructure and other areas.

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Creating A Digital Future From Our Past.

Heritage+ programe is a great match of combining cultural heritage and novel technologies. In search for the creation of new tourist locations, this program is paving the way and pioneering in many aspects, bringing the visualisations and products to the new level with the help of 3D models, VR and AR. We help society pass on cultural heritage in the digital, mixed-reality era.

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SMART Camper Stop

Transforming Caravan Stops Into A Smart, Self-Sustainable Tourist Products.

The innovation is a proper answer to the modern camper user’s needs and has a positive and sustainable impact on a local community as it enables less wild parking, more income from tourist tax and for the local economy. The tourist destination becomes more attractive for this segment of tourists, which is becoming highly relevant in the new reality. With great pleasure, we are publishing information that the first pilot Smart Camper Stop will be built and integrated on the existing Camper Stop in East Slovenia.

High performance computing

Providing The Power Of HPC Services And Solutions For Industrial And Scientific Users.

Arctur-2 is Arctur’s flagship hyperconverged High-performance Computing (HPC) & Cloud computing infrastructure. It has been designed and built to fit various and diverse usage scenarios, from general use Cloud Computing to HPC computing as well as Big Data analytics. By converging different types of servers into a single entity, we have achieved high performance, energy efficiency and seamless management, enabling us to provide excellent services to our customers.

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We Do Not Follow Changes, We Co-create Them!

Meet #ArcturTeam!

Arctur has been pioneering by merging research, science, art and business in the Industry 4.0 and Tourism 4.0 areas. The interdisciplinary spirit is the cradle of innovation in which concepts, solutions and products come to life under the motto: where creativity meets experience! The 30 year long tradition results in many internationally awarded, game-changing products using AI, Big Data, AR, 3D digitisation and other innovative technologies. We are always responsible: to our team, partners, local community and environment.

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